The Importance of Real-Time Tracking for Time-Sensitive Shipments

Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, having the ability to track your packages in real-time might seem like a luxury. But as more and more customers look for shipping options that’ll grant them the most visibility over their delivery status, this feature alone could make or break a purchase.

It’s not only about the buyer, however: Businesses themselves can benefit greatly by partnering with a courier service that offers a delivery tracking system.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the importance of real-time tracking, as well as how it can help you improve your overall shipping processes.

What is real-time delivery tracking?

Real-time delivery tracking is a feature usually provided by a delivery management solution, which could be a third-party logistics provider or an in-house solution, depending on the courier service.

The concept speaks for itself: This tool allows the user to track their package in real time, as it’s being transported from one location to another. This is most often thanks to a GPS device attached to the package or delivery truck (or both), which transmits its location to a central server.

You’ve likely heard of Radio-Frequency IDentification (RFID) before, which is one of the most popular ways to track packages. Essentially, RFID tags are small chips that can be attached to a product or object and then read by a reader (or scanner).

All of this tech works in conjunction to let users see their items’ location after making a purchase, as well as additional information provided by the courier service, such as estimated arrival time and delivery status.

In today’s fast-paced world, this feature is less of an optional add-on, and more of a necessity. That’s not exactly a bad thing, however, as package tracking offers a number of advantages to both businesses and buyers.

1. It optimizes delivery routes

Some delivery management solutions used by courier services do more than simply show when a package has left point A and headed for point B. Many of these tools go one step further by also incorporating route optimization planners—software that can analyze data (such as average speeds and traffic patterns over time) so that drivers can optimize their delivery routes based on the quickest option.

Whereas drivers would otherwise be left to their own devices and the whims of traffic, this technology is a must-have for businesses that regularly send out time-sensitive shipments.

On another note, this also helps courier services reduce their fuel expenses since drivers spend less time on the road: which means they can offer even better rates.

2. It grants the business owner supply chain visibility

Whether your package needs to be delivered within the next few hours or over the course of several days, not knowing where your packages are or what’s happening to them can lead to serious issues.

Partnering with a courier service that offers real-time tracking you can access from your phone or computer is a huge asset, as it eliminates the guesswork and uncertainty—so you can focus on your business instead. Otherwise, you risk losing money and/or customer satisfaction since your service abilities are so limited.

This is particularly crucial if you’re delivering something like medicine or food (or anything else that needs to arrive within a certain window). Plus, if customers want to check in on the status of their time-sensitive shipments, you’ll be able to provide a quick and accurate answer.

3. It improves customer satisfaction

Aside from expecting a quick turnaround, 70% of customers want to know where their package is at all times, when it will arrive, and if there are any problems with their shipment. This is an easy fix that real-time delivery tracking can provide.

Customers also want to know that their package is being handled properly. If you’re selling a product that requires extra care and attention (like flowers), then real-time tracking can help your customers stop worrying about its status—and keep from feeling disappointed when they receive their order.

4. It prevents unauthorized package handling

There are a lot of unknowns when sending out a package that doesn’t have real-time tracking, and one of those has to do with who’s handling your items.

Unauthorized package handling can be a huge issue, especially if your items are expensive or fragile. Though it might seem rare, there are countless stories of people who’ve received their packages broken or damaged—and they have no idea what happened.

But if you are able to track a package in real-time, then the moment an unauthorized person picks up your package to move it or take it somewhere else, you will know right away.

5. It increases driver’s performance

More supply chain visibility also means higher accountability for everyone involved in the delivery of your packages. This includes drivers, which can help them increase their performance and make fewer mistakes along the way.

For instance, the courier service can use real-time tracking data to determine which drivers are the most efficient and which ones are taking longer routes than necessary—and take appropriate action to get the latter up to speed.

As a result, your time-sensitive shipments will always be handled by drivers with proven skill.

6. It helps locate lost packages

Similarly, real-time tracking can help you locate lost packages.

You’re probably familiar with the frustration of waiting for a package that never arrives—and then having no idea where it went. But if buyers have access to real-time tracking, they’ll be able to see exactly where their item goes next after leaving your business or warehouse.

If the package does end up getting lost along the way, you can use the tracking information to find out where it is and who has it, and take quick action to get your shipment back on track.

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