3 Signs You Might Need a Liftgate Delivery Service

Sometimes a delivery just doesn’t fit into a simple package with a label. Instead, it might be extra-long, wide, very heavy, bulky, or misshapen. Also, the final delivery destination may not have an appropriate dock or unloading equipment available to off-load the cargo appropriately. Risking yourself or your staff during the delivery process is not an option and you need to get your products to your client sooner rather than later. These are three signs that it’s time to consider hiring a professional liftgate delivery service.

Your Delivery is Heavy, Large, or Awkward

Common examples of liftgate-shipped items are building materials, appliances, furniture, industrial equipment, and HVAC units. Many times, the receiving party does not have a forklift or a dock. This is often the case for residential and construction site liftgate deliveries. Another area of liftgate delivery services is palletized loads. When pallets of goods are being delivered to a destination without a forklift available, box trucks with liftgates are an excellent choice. This option will not put your pallets at risk of being damaged by other forms of delivery that do not use professional hydraulic equipment.

Safety Is a Concern

Sure, you could try and on- and off-load your delivery by yourself, but should you? Constructing plywood ramps off pickup trucks can be dangerous. Avoiding injuries is one of the biggest reasons to hire a delivery service to complete your shipment via a box truck with a liftgate. The time and effort required to unload a heavy, possibly poorly packed delivery is better left to the professionals. Professional delivery services offer same-day options that can save you time and protect you from liability. Plus, their box truck equipment offers conveniences like tail lifts and ramps with slip-resistant surfaces. When professional loading equipment is stored away under the box truck it is removed from obstruction. DIY makeshift contraptions can create further concerns after the delivery is finished if someone trips and falls.

When Time is of the Essence

Urgent deliveries come up when you least expect them. With the help of a professional liftgate delivery service, your cargo will avoid many unknowns. Delivering packages of all shapes and sizes is their business and they will take away your stress. When partnering with a liftgate delivery service, they will:

  • Collect your item at a specified location.
  • Safely place it onto a box truck with a hydraulic lift platform.
  • Secure your item on their box truck.
  • Use GPS guidance to deliver the item to its destination.
  • Off-load the item with the hydraulic lift platform.
  • Professionally present the item to your customer.

Many professional liftgate delivery services offer same-day local options and expedited shipping speeds to deliver as fast as possible.

Explore Quality Liftgate Services Today

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