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Top 10 Reasons to Use Courier Delivery

You just paid a ridiculous amount of money to have a last-minute gift be delivered within two days, and although you should have peace of mind now because it has been shipped, you are even more anxious now than you were before. Why? You used a postal service, and so now you agonize over the typical postal fears. Will the gift actually arrive on time, or will it be delayed? Will it arrive in perfect condition or slightly damaged? Or completely broken? What if it doesn’t arrive at all? Had you relied on a courier service instead, these questions never would have crossed your mind. Here are ten reasons why.

1. Same-Day Delivery

Same-Day Delivery

One of the biggest appeals of courier services is their same-day delivery. Although some postal services offer to have items delivered within one to two days, there is no guarantee in the predicted delivery date due to a number of variables. This is further implied by the need to provide a date range for the day of delivery rather than a confirmed date. If you suddenly remembered you forgot to send a gift or any time sensitive item, that realization has to occur one or two days in advance to arrive on time with a postal service. A courier delivery, on the other hand, can occur within a couple of hours of processing the order.

2. 24/7 Service

No matter the day or time, courier companies are available for service. Some postal services are closed on Sundays, and for the ones that are open, they offer limited amenities. This could mean a package may have been transferred to a local postal office or facility on Sunday, but the delivery will not be made until the following day. This is not an issue with courier services. On any day, you can expect the same selection of amenities and can expect the same high-quality performance.

3. Scheduled Delivery

While those who have last-minute things to ship can rely on same-day delivery, those who plan ahead can utilize a scheduled delivery. Just as courier services are able to reliably provide same-day deliveries, they can also guarantee the timely transport of scheduled deliveries. The only scheduled delivery postal services offer is a scheduled redelivery. There is no choice to have an item delivered on a specific day, at a specific time. Such a luxury can only be fulfilled by courier services.

4. Next Level Tracking

If knowing that a package will always arrive at its destination on time does not give peace of mind, then being able to track a package’s every movement should. Unlike postal services, which only provide when a package has arrived or departed a facility, courier services allow customers to know every move being taken to transport their items. No surprises in where a package is, and no questions about when it will be delivered.

5. Familiarity with the Area

Courier services are privately owned and most operate locally. As a result, the drivers are from the area and know the area just as intimately as their customers. This familiarity is what guarantees fast and reliable service. Delays are less likely to occur when a driver knows a shortcut, knows which roads have construction, knows which roads will be congested during specific times of day. Milano Courier Services is based in Belmont, MA, and so you can expect speedy service from us in the New England area. 

6. Undamaged Goods

Courier services not only guarantee the timely delivery of your items, but they also guarantee these items will arrive in perfect condition. With next level tracking, you can see where a package is going at all times, and this also means you can see that packages are rarely ever moved around internally. With courier services operating locally, there is no need to transfer shipments between trucks or other modes of transportation. This lowers the chance of items being lost or damaged in the process. Regardless, couriers handle these objects with care while transporting and delivering them.

7. Unspoiled Goods

With their fast service, courier companies are perfect for delivering time-sensitive items. This includes objects that require refrigeration or need to be kept at any specific temperature. Because of this, courier companies are able to provide medical courier service. During emergencies, couriers can quickly deliver medical goods to hospitals without destroying or spoiling the items at hand. For less serious situations, couriers can deliver your groceries without spoiling a single thing.

8. No Restrictions

No matter the shape or size, courier services deliver all. From delivering a folder of documents for an important meeting to transporting your large, L-shaped sofa across the city, courier services accept and welcome all requests. There are no restrictions in size, quantity, shape, or weight. Courier companies wield a wide range of vehicles to ensure they can handle and follow through with any delivery request.

9. Affordability

On average, courier services offer lower prices for transporting goods compared to postal services. If price is a primary factor when choosing a shipping service, then Get a Quote from a courier service and let the numbers speak for themselves. It is also important to note that courier services are willing to negotiate prices while postal services have a rigid method in place for determining their prices. As their goal is to help you receive or send items in a timely manner, courier services will not offer a quote set in stone.

10. Cost-Efficient

Overall, using a courier service saves you money and not just because of the general lower prices. A courier company saves you from the headaches that arise with using a postal service. If you are a small, local business, you can use a courier service to have your products delivered. No need to manage and pay a logistics team. Even better, no need to rely on postal services that may lose or damage your product in the process, resulting in your having to pay the cost for replacing the item or issuing a refund. From the perspective of a costumer, you do not waste money in shipping an item only for it to never reach its destination. With a courier service, every delivery is done correctly the first time.

If this list has convinced you, then consider using Milano Courier Services the next time you need an item delivered. With our same-day delivery, you can experience high-quality service at an affordable price today!

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