Trade Show Shipping 101

Presenting your brand at a trade show can be an exciting time. The logistics surrounding that effort, however, can be a challenge. It takes time and a lot of effort to design your booth, pull together all of the materials, and arrange everything on the ground. Missing banners, brochures, tables, wraps, or any piece of the electronic exhibit can cost you a much-anticipated sale. Many manhours go into planning ahead of the show itself and you certainly don’t want to risk any piece of that preparation being missing once you arrive on location. Ensuring safe and timely delivery to a third party requires trust so keep in mind the following things before you choose just any trade show shipping partner.

Correct Labeling

Incorrectly labeling your trade show shipment paperwork can derail your entire arrival. After crating your materials, be certain you label all sides of the pallet clearly. The location is going to be a madhouse so the more information on each box – the better! Some information to clearly display (affixed by strong tape) would include:

  • Deliver-by Date
  • Destination Address
  • Booth Identifier
  • Your Company Name
  • Your Contact Information
  • Numbering System (1 of 4) (2 of 4) (3 of 4) etc.
  • Labeling System

If you are relying on a locally sourced event staff, be certain these people are aware of your systems and timelines. Proactively working through any potential packing issues can optimize problems before they occur.

Choose Proper Transportation

Once you’ve decided on a trusted trade show shipping partner, determine the best type of shipping method. If your booth is small and simple, you can probably avoid paying for anything customized by fitting much of it into standard-sized boxes. Simple trade show shipments will also avoid expensive drayage handling fees if they are not fragile, can be moved by a forklift, and have no special handling instructions.

If your trade show exhibition is large-scale and intricate in design, it more than likely will require a customized shipping solution. Some things you should consider when shipping unique pieces:

  • Choose packaging sturdy enough to protect your materials during transit.
  • Consider hiring a private shipping team with access to smaller vehicles, avoiding mixed shipments through larger carriers.
  • Ship a full truckload when dealing with large pieces.
  • Book multiple shows and ship your exhibit directly from one to the next.

Proper trade show shipping often requires pre-planning and the help of experts along the way. Shipping your booth early will go a long way to not only saving money but also combining multiple loads into a single delivery.

Quality Trade Show Shipping Services

We want you to focus on creating the best trade show possible so leave the shipping and delivery details to us! Milano Courier has your back when it comes to quality trade show, corporate retreat, conference, or convention pick-up and delivery services. Our professional staff works 24/7 to ensure every piece of your booth arrives on time and in proper order. Our wide range of fleet options includes sedans, vans, and trucks. Large scale supplies like lights, backdrops, and scaffolding are no problem. Don’t hesitate to give us a call before your next trade show today!

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