What Covid-19 Has Taught Us About Delivery Service

While most households have moved away from pandemic living by now there is most definitely a new normal that will live on. Even as plexiglass is being taken down and front doors are unlocked, many consumers discovered something surprising – they prefer contactless shopping and dining. The role of delivery services is here to stay and many industries, expected or not, have been forever changed. It is predicted that by 2025 parcels will equal mail in volume. This will create a very different shift in the way we do business and create many challenges for the postal service. As we’ve moved away from lock-down, curbside pick-ups, mobile orders, and same-day local deliveries continue to be embraced every day. While Covid-19 has taught us many things, one of its most interesting lessons is in relation to how we view delivery services.

Basic Needs Have Been Redefined Online

Delivery options expanded as traditional brick and mortar operations were thrust into a new way of doing business. Before 2020 the idea of ordering toilet paper, toothbrushes, and other basic necessities online and having them delivered was foreign to most people. Covid-19 lock-downs reshaped how we viewed what we could order online and through what means we could obtain them. The pandemic removed our ability to drop into a local drug store every day. Suddenly, the concept of someone coming to our front door with a bag of tampons and shaving cream was a viable option.

Medical Deliveries are Now More Important Than Ever

With an enormous burden on medical testing, medical-related delivery services are in high demand. Transporting Covid-19 testing supplies quickly and reliably is crucial, but durable medical equipment like braces, walking aids, and other vital pharmaceuticals are still needed. The added burden on medical delivery service providers increased demand dramatically. Because of this increased demand, many medical delivery service companies are hiring new drivers. There is a new set of standards for the medical logistic service industry. Drivers must adhere to strict safety standards and be prepared to handle sensitive materials. Safe and reliable deliveries have life and death consequences. Specimens must remain undamaged and accurate.

Same-day Urban Deliveries are Here to Stay

Fast parcel delivery services were not a fully-developed concept before the pandemic, but now it is something urban dwellers have come to expect. From sandwiches and bottles of bourbon to entire grocery lists, having goods delivered to your door in a matter of hours has revolutionized logistics. Delivery services offering local same-day shipments are enhancing customer experiences like never before. Mobile technology enables seamless ordering and contactless transactions. Restaurants and grocers especially benefitted from these services during the Covid-19 pandemic but consumer demand remains.  

Moving Onward

As the Covid-19 pandemic is beaten back, first-class delivery services will clearly still be in demand. At Milano Courier we want to provide unbeatable delivery solutions. We offer a variety of courier services including medical, same-day, and contactless options. Our customers are the priority and our mission is their mission. Together, we will present a professional image on time with the highest quality results. Give our office a call today for a risk-free consultation about how we can partner to solve all of your logistics needs.
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